There are a great deal of tribal tattoo designs around as these have proved to be one of the most popular trends within the tattooing industry ever however while most choose these simply for the aesthetics, few realize the symbolism and history that lie behind them. Tribal Wolf Tattoo These designs stem from the artwork of ancient civilizations as well as cultures and tribes from around the world today, however while the style of imagery may vary considerably the basic concept behind their origins is fairly simple. The natural world and everything in it, including the sky above and the ocean waves around the islands from which many of these tribal designs originate, was of huge significance to these tribal people. Therefore all nature was considered sacred from the celestial bodies shining down on them from the skies above to the plants and animals on the earth beside them. Animals in particular were revered as powerful totems, that were both feared and worshipped simultaneously, and this is in part why the tribal wolf tattoo is so popular today.

Like many of their ancestors who walked the lands centuries before them, modern day tattoo enthusiasts often choose a particular animal to use in body art as they hope to capture some of the characteristics and powerful traits that this creature represents.

In days gone by, those sporting tribal wolf tattoos believed that by displaying this animal’s image on their skin they could harness its strengths and powers for themselves. Wolves are admired for their mental attributes such as their keen intelligence as well as their physical strengths, which are unlike any other creature in the animal kingdom so they often appear very human in their demeanor. They are very sociable creatures that live and hunt in packs where the emphasis is very much on family love and loyalty. Tribal Wolf Tattoo Wolves are very skilled, partly in thanks to their power and speed, however they are also fiercely protective of their pack, and their young in particular, not unlike many of these ancient tribes from which these designs originate. Aside from their family ethics, wolves are largely monogamous and will settle down for life with one partner when they find them, like the mammal equivalent of a soul mate.

It is not surprising therefore that these creatures were held in such high regard from the Native Americans across the USA to the Celtic tribes in Northern Europe. Native American tribes also deemed the wolf to be a spiritual guide and teacher so it is also widely used as a symbol of wisdom as well as loyalty, friendship, courage and bravery. The Celts on the other hand also deemed it to signify positive connotations such as free will, unity and toughness. These tribal wolf tattoos can be depicted in a variety of differing ways and styles from an abstract silhouette of a wolf’s head only to a full bodied version filled in with Celtic artwork, running, pouncing or even with its head held up and howling at the moon. Both the sun and the moon are often used in conjunction with the wolf’s image as it is also associated with the magical, mystical and mysterious.

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