There are many popular images that are often transformed into contemporary body art designs for tribal tattoos; however the tribal sun tattoo is probably one of the most favored by both male and female tattoo enthusiasts. While almost any image can be transformed in this style by an experienced tattoo artist with the relevant artistic talent and skills, this particular celestial body was often used in the original art work too. Tribal Sun Tattoo Much of the beliefs and rituals followed by these ancient tribes and civilizations revolved around the natural world and many deemed the sun to be the powerful force that brought life to it all. The sun brought the plants and trees to life, helped grow crops to sustain their families and brought warmth and light to the world after the darkness of the night.

When it comes to the placement for tribal sun tattoos, this is actually a very versatile symbol that suits a variety of different body parts and can also be scaled to fit different sized skin surfaces too. This particular image in the style of tribal artwork was one of the most demanded designs for lower back tattoos for women five to ten years ago, for what has been notoriously renamed as the ‘tramp stamp’ but it is suited to pretty much any body part.

Women on the whole tend to opt for these designs today anywhere from the hip or thigh to the shoulder or arm however the nape of the neck and even the navel, with the latter used as the body of the sun with its rays emanating from its centre are also popular. These can be depicted as tiny images for placement in a more discrete location like the wrist or ankle or small to medium designs for larger body parts but it is such a distinctive shape and style that even the smallest design can make a powerful impact when inked on the female skin. Guys also seem to like this particular image in the tribal art-style however they tend to go for medium to large designs in more prominent locations like the bicep, shoulder, back or leg in bold black swirling lines with the rays resembling flames.Tribal Sun Tattoo These are also used in other tribal designs like the armband tattoo as the focal point from which the rest of the patterns intersect to wrap around the bicep.

There are many different styles available for a tribal sun tattoo from the Aztec and Mayan versions to those favored by the Native American and Hawaiian tribes however different versions can be found in almost any tribe from the Polynesian islands to Northern Europe. The symbolism behind these differing styles of sun images remains predominantly the same encompassing positive attributes such as glory, happiness, enlightenment and fulfillment as well as representing the gift of life and creation. Whether you opt for the traditional ink colours used in the original designs such as black, indigo, dark green or grey, or add a touch of color to make it more individual to you, there is no doubt you will have an aesthetically pleasing design that will be the envy of all your friends.

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