There is no doubt that floral designs in any shape, size or style are one of the most popular images requested in body art designs, particularly among female tattoo enthusiasts, however this does make them less than unique. These images have been used in body art designs for decades and their popularity shows no sign of waning, so much so that even guys want large exotic flowers inked on their bodies too. Tribal Flower TattoosThis means it can be difficult to find one that is even the least bit individual, with exotic breeds like orchids and hibiscus now as common place as roses and daisies. There is however a more contemporary approach to this design that still keeps the femininity traditionally associated with such images and that is of course tribal flower tattoos. These are becoming more and more popular because they offer an alternative depiction of a classic image that makes just as much of a visual impact as their more colorful counterparts.

Tribal tattoos have been one of the biggest trends in the tattooing world in recent decades, if not ever, however there are a variety of different styles of tribal art work that are used in these designs.

These generally consisted of symbols, patterns and abstract images inked on the skin in dark monochrome ink colours like black, dark grey or blue and modern depictions tend to stick with this traditional coloring. Some of these body art images are derived from the original representation and style of a particular tribe, while others have been transformed to emulate the tribal art-style and are simply the creation of skilled tattooist with specialist experience in this area. One of the most widely requested tribal flower tattoos was of course the traditional rose which has long been a favorite with women the world over synonymous with love and romance as it is, however a tribal make-over definitely gave it much more of an edge. Tribal Flower TattoosWhile adding thorns to a conventional image of a rose completely changes its meaning, this actually adds to its allure when illustrated as a dark, thorny silhouette in a more abstract tribal style without losing its femininity. Other flowers such as the lily, daisy or carnation can also be transformed in this way for a more up to date take on a classic image.

As the demand for tribal tattoos has gone through the roof, the art work of certain tribes has risen in popularity with Hawaiian, Samoan, Maori and Celtic designs taking precedence among tattoo enthusiasts around the world. As Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful and exotic flowers on the planet, it is not surprising that tribal flower tattoos featuring its native flowers – the orchid and the hibiscus – have gone global. However there are also some beautiful floral designs that are filled in with Celtic knot work and intersecting lines as opposed to the darker shading favored in many tribal designs of this kind and these offer an interesting alternative that will really stand out. It is therefore really worth exploring all your options as there are a wealth of ideas available to suit all tastes and preferences so you can find one that is individual for you.