With so many different styles of tribal art work to choose from it can be difficult to find just the right one to suit you as an individual and even more so to find a unique design that will enable you to stand out from the crowd. Samoan Tribal TattoosTribal style body art has made a huge impression on the tattooing industry in the past decade or two and these are very versatile designs that make a stunning visual impact on almost anyone but are also very symbolic. Unfortunately, one of the main disadvantages to this particular kind of tattoo is that due to their vast popularity, finding a rarer design that will be more unique to you as an individual may take some time. However, on the positive side, there are hundreds of different tribes from civilizations around the world to choose from so if you are willing to do some research then you can be sure to find one that is perfect for your purpose. Among these many differing styles and images, you will also find Samoan tribal tattoos which originate from one of the many groups of Polynesian islands in the South Pacific and this region is also of great historical significance as tattooing has been practiced here for centuries.

When Europeans first made contact with this far-flung part of the world back in the 17th century visiting sailors and missionaries saw Samoan tribal tattoos for the very first time. Both male and female tribesmen were marked in these intricate geometric designs however the placements and designs varied between the genders. Upon approaching puberty, a young female would be tattooed with a black design known as a Malu which would be inked on the area between her knees and thighs. The male version is known as Pe’a, and covers most of the skin surface from the knees right up to the waist and ribs. This was a symbol off bravery and courage so any males who could not tolerate the pain of the process were shunned by the tribe and their shame marked by their lack of body art. Today these designs are equally synonymous with masculine attributes of strength, power and valor so they are a popular choice with many male tattoo enthusiasts as well as some female ones too.

Samoan Tribal TattoosWhile some tribal designs vary in colour from indigo to dark grey or green, Samoan tribal tattoos are solely depicted in monochrome black ink. The patterns are predominantly symmetrical with large blocks or colour combined with thick, straight lines and these make a really strong impact when inked on the human skin. Many of these designs also enhance the shape of the body, accentuating muscle and drawing attention to the physique for all the right reasons. These are popular for placements like the bicep, chest and back as well as the arms, thighs and even ribs. This is also one of those designs that you could start off on a smaller surface of skin and gradually add the original design so that it extends over additional body parts as desired. The original tribes’ people used these designs in a similar fashion to tell the story of the individual’s life experience and doing so would certainly add an even more authentic feel to any design of this nature.