It was rather unfortunate that lower back tribal tattoos of days gone by developed rather a bad reputation that certainly was not aided by the nick name, tramp stamp, which was widely applied to body art designs of this nature. Due to their popularity with young women in particular, these monochrome tribal designs came to be associated with promiscuous females with loose morals and while this may have been applicable in some case, this harsh criticism was relatively unfair in most cases. Lower Back Tribal Tattoos Fortunately, these particular designs have had a bit of a makeover in recent years and are much more accepted as cool body art designs rather than as a very stereotypical label.

This particular style of body art uses the artwork of various tribes around the globe, emulating the artwork of civilizations both living and dead, and has proven to be one of the biggest trends within the modern world of tattooing. Ironically, some of these designs are derived from artwork that is centuries old and some even incorporate imagery that has been in existence for millennia.

These include popular Maori patterns, symmetrical and geometric Hawaiian and Polynesian designs as well as Celtic images, a style that is particularly favored for lower back tribal tattoos for both men and women. The black monochrome ink designs favored by tattoo enthusiasts a decade or two ago now look rather crude and amateur in comparison to some of the more intricately detailed and colorful alternatives available today. Female designs of this kind are now of a much higher caliber and while some still resemble the originals in shape and placement – usually across the centre of the spine’s base – these are much more feminine in appearance than the more masculine designs of old. These often incorporate girly favorites like stars, hearts, flowers and butterflies inked in color within the design for a stunning visual effect, against the contrasting black ink of the tribal patterns. Lower Back Tribal Tattoos Some designs also run the full width of the lower back and these can also be extended into larger designs to cover a wider skin surface on the back or even around onto the sides and front, at a later date if required.

When it comes to lower back tribal tattoos, these are still predominantly requested by female tattoo fans however while these are rarer for men, their chosen designs tend to be less convoluted, with most opting for single images depicted in this abstract style. These tend to be depicted in a single monochrome ink color for a more masculine effect and manly images suited to this area include tribal zodiac designs, Celtic zoomorphic imagery and classic images like the rose, sun and birds of prey like the eagle or hawk illustrated in this manner. Most body art images can be transformed using this style of artwork and as well as images synonymous with nature that are commonly depicted in this way, oriental images like the dragon are frequently depicted like this and this is an overtly masculine design that is perfect for placement on a guy’s lower back.